By Hayden French, Katlyn Walter, Silas Hayes, Stephanie Fissel

After a week of designing a set of our own data, populating them into three different database architectures (Neo4j, MongoDB, and MySQL), and writing python scripts to query each of them, we have developed a better understanding of what databases really are and how to manipulate our data to fit each respective architecture. Databases are crucial to any company or organization, which is why we wanted to share the insights we have gained.

To start, a database is a collection of organized data. Assuming the database is well-maintained, it can be…

In recent years, the world of cybersecurity received an upgrade with the help of data science, integrating cyber knowledge over the last few decades with big data and artificial intelligence to more effectively identify threats, stop attacks and intrusions, properly identify malware and spam, and prevent dangerous cyber-attacks.

Data science has already proven its power alone, and as many sectors implement and determine its wide range of capabilities, there lies the ability to fundamentally transform many fields and find better solution to the world’s problems, when leveraged correctly. One field that has shown increased benefits with the added usage of…

The process of picking a college major can be a difficult one, especially since there are so many options, not to mention the pressure that it leads to a career that you will most likely have for the next 40 years or so. While it is important to pick a major that suits your skills and interests, it is also essential to take into account future earnings. With the rising cost of college tuition, frequently leading to mountains of student loan debt, many wonder how and when that debt will be paid off. …

Stephanie Fissel

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